feedback / grading overview

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this site is to demonstrate the assessment processes on the ba (hons) digital arts at kingston college

on the site you will find module overviews, samples from a range of assessment decisions and feedback videos to show the assessment rationale behind each decision as well as full class mark sheets

we only include levels 5 and 6 here

each module has been double marked within the 4 members of the course team – sample evidence is included within each section

within most of the module sections are also links to larger samples of the actual student work – these can sometimes be large downloads – the key pieces of work are demonstrated within each feedback video

the course currently has 24 students in level 4, 14 level 5 students and 11 level 6 students – applications for september 13 are looking healthy and up on previous years

the course website is at

the full module guides are available at

last years end of year website is available here
hough a small cohort it is good to note that all but one of last years finishers have secured real employment in the creative industries as designers, and animators

the course was also recently featured on the Maxon website (makers of Cinema 4D) as ‘one of the best places to learn cinema 4d in the UK’


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