just a reminder that this weeks lesson will be 10-15 minute appointments / formative assessments

in advance you will need to write a SHORT self assessment as a post on your blog – this will form the basis of our discussion on tuesday

I am expecting all the evidence for the formative (and eventually summative ) to be present on your blogs so see this as the centre of your activity on this module but don’t go out of your way at this point to get everything on the blog just for the meeting – this is formative and meant to give an indication of where you are now and to identify where you need to do more

the module guide identifies 5 learning outcomes against which I need to asses your work – these are the headings that I need a couple of sentences of reflection on how well you are doing

  • Demonstrate an effective use of Art and Design software. [we have looked at wordpress, photoshop, illustrator, cinema 4d, makerware]
  • Demonstrate effective use of digital hardware and associated technologies. [we have used a mac throughout and looked at scanners, 3d printing, vinyl cutting, cameras]
  • Produce and present creative digital solutions to Art and Design problems. [your responses to the individual tasks I have set]
  • Create on-line Art and Design presentations and resources. [ your documenting of the work you are doing inside and outside of the digital applications sessions]
  • Manage and evaluate their own use of digital applications. [ your effective use of reflective practice evidenced on your blog – documentation of and reflection upon your process]

look at the marking scheme and consider where you think you are currently performing – available here

and scribble all over this – self assess march14

  1. 3.00 – 3.10 nadia
  2. 3.15 – 3.25 roxy
  3. 3.30 – 3.40 marianne
  4. 3.45 – 3.55 jessie
  5. 4.00 – 4.10 andrea
  6. 4.15 – 4.25 maxi
  7. 4.30 – 4.40 layla
  8. 4.45 – 4.55 adamo

sorry adamo – you can see I went round the room in my mind to get the order 🙁


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