happy christmas

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illustrator / inspiration

hi all

I hope this is good news – I am not able to be there for tomorrows session (tuesday 16th) as I will be in liverpool

there is no need for you to come into college for the session but if you would like to you will of course be welcome – however…

I do need to give you something to think about over the break – here is the brief I was going to go over with you and brief you on what I’d like you to look at to get started (click to download)


make sure you watch the video – http://bit.ly/lasercuttingdemo

do some research and have some thoughts about what you might like to have a go at making – don’t start drawing up in illustrator just yet but make sure you return ready to present some ideas on the first tuesday…

6th Jan  – seminar / crit on initial ideas – come prepared with 5 ideas and 5 examples of laser cut products / art you have found (do all of this as a post on your blog or even better as a powerpoint/keynote


Oh and have a great christmas – don’t overwork it and come back refreshed – I will be answering emails if you need help

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