illustrator part 2

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the pen tool is vital for all vector work and even though it’s quite simple, it takes a while to get the knack

the pen tool (bezier tool) is available in nearly all software – it’s there in photoshop, illustrator, 3d software, video software, processing and more – its REALLY worth persevering with

to get you started work through the illustrator pen tool exercise below then once you have the basic techniques try tracing off a photo ( we’ll take some photos in the lesson too)

also below is a handy pen tool cheat sheet – download and have a look


there is a really good tutorial going through every option of the pen tool on vectorTuts+

vector tuts- illustrator pen tool

there’s also another good pen tool exercise there too

take your name and in photoshop design a single shape from a suitable typeface – use kerning, scaling and more to join the individual glyphs – export as a jpg then use as a background layer in illustrator to trace

some things to remember…

  • single shape
  • use noFill
  • choose a contrasting stroke colour
  • fewer points is better
  • use direct select (white arrow) to adjust afterwards

I will need the .ai file asap in order to get the vinyl done


and finally – choose a series of iconic parts from your favourite art/design – van goghs sunflowers, jeff koons balloon dog, hokusai wave, tenniel’s alice etc – trace them, fill them, duplicate reassemble etc  – post to blog

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