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summary The popularity of multimedia authoring tools and applications leads to a large demand for skills in developing and manipulating the multimedia artefacts created with them. More advanced tools tend to cater for advanced functionality by the inclusion of built-in scripting languages to control and customise the artefacts created. Whilst each package will typically have […]

II. professional creative practice

summary This module will teach the student how to bridge the gap between theory and practice at a professional level. It will be an exploration of the problems involved in professional production, both in personal terms and in the context of a group exhibition. This will include an analysis of current trends in screen and […]

II. special effects

summary This SFX module introduces you to the concepts and practice of Special Effects. During the module you will plan and create a range of Special Effects, using digital video and professional level software. The module will cover a range of techniques, categorised as Digital Painting, Restoration, Matte Creation, Animated Rotosplines and Motion Tracking. Within […]

II. digital narrative

summary ‘Digital Narrative: Sound and Vision’ is designed to help your to develop your understanding of narrative structures. The module will use examples of practice from film and video history and cover the cinematic syntax that informs our contemporary perception of what narrative is and how it has been used to construct cinematic meaning. As […]

II. virtual space

summary Students studying this module will research and analyse the nature of virtual spaces towards the production of an artwork that imaginatively communicates their ideas. Lectures will present key artworks and historical precedents in art, theory and technology of different kinds of virtual spaces. Students will use self directed study for further research in Virtual […]

II. 3d character animation

summary The aim of this course is to continue your development as critical self-learners and deliver the basic skills of character animation and movement specifically in 3D. You will also learn some key editing and film-making skills. There will be in-depth study of the fundamental animation principles and your aim is to apply the principles […]

II. video production

summary moduleSummary required to submit an individual critical analysis for each production. This MSG has been updated by Mark Owen from previous draughts by Stephen Desmond, John Parker-Rees, Paul Lohneis, Malcolm Hignett, Lizzie Thynne, lezli-An Barrett, Mike Barker & Coral Shubert. 09/2002 video production statement In the latter part of the 19th c. cinema seemed […]