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II. video production

summary moduleSummary required to submit an individual critical analysis for each production. This MSG has been updated by Mark Owen from previous draughts by Stephen Desmond, John Parker-Rees, Paul Lohneis, Malcolm Hignett, Lizzie Thynne, lezli-An Barrett, Mike Barker & Coral Shubert. 09/2002 video production statement In the latter part of the 19th c. cinema seemed […]

II. visual studies

summary code to be confirmed level one 100 hours 14 weeks module leader – Ben Dunning modulesummary An introduction to the tools and language of visual image making. The primary aim will be to give practical experience of the way in which experimental approaches to making images can widen the scope of a visual research […]

II. digital culture

summary The student will be asked to examine the transformational role of technology in cultural, political, and social contexts. There will be an interest in (i) the history of science and technology including the development applications of specific technologies; (ii) contemporary techno-contexts and (iii) ‘futureology’: the predictive, speculative efforts to forsee significant techno-developments. By examining […]

II. multimedia scripting and authoring

summary The popularity of multimedia authoring tools and applications leads to a large demand for skills in developing and manipulating the multimedia artefacts created with them. More advanced tools tend to cater for advanced functionality by the inclusion of built-in scripting languages to control and customise the artefacts created. Whilst each package will typically have […]

I. digital art processes

summary year 1 > semester 1 20 credits 200 hours learning hours an introduction to digital art history, its practice, theory and beginnings. The module will examine the genre of digital art and trace the relationship between art and technology from the Italian Renaissance to the present day. The module will also include an introduction […]

I. web design skills

module year 1 > semester 1 10 credits 100 hours learning hours this module targets the basic skills needed for students to begin to create and publish their own websites. It starts by looking at HTML, and also includes introductions to style sheets and Javascript. support and guidance tutorial support is available during the workshop […]