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II. professional creative practice

summary This module will teach the student how to bridge the gap between theory and practice at a professional level. It will be an exploration of the problems involved in professional production, both in personal terms and in the context of a group exhibition. This will include an analysis of current trends in screen and […]

II. special effects

summary This SFX module introduces you to the concepts and practice of Special Effects. During the module you will plan and create a range of Special Effects, using digital video and professional level software. The module will cover a range of techniques, categorised as Digital Painting, Restoration, Matte Creation, Animated Rotosplines and Motion Tracking. Within […]

I. computer graphics & animation

summary year 3 > semester 1 20 credits 200 hours This module allows you to develop and use professional digital animation techniques, in combination with other sources, in order to produce artefacts that demonstrate originality in both the approach to and the realisation of digital 2D and 3D animation module leader aims and outcomes aims […]

I. design for simulation

summary during this module investigates and develops the potential of digital solutions for the production of artefacts that explore issues of simulation lectures will present example artworks, theories and ideas relating to simulation technologies, virtual spaces, immersive environments, artifical intelligence, biotechnologies, transgenics etc students will be given key texts to read and discuss. module leader […]

I. double project

summary year 3 > semester 1 & 2 40 credits 400 hours learning hours the double project should be seen within one of the course’s primary aims which is to foster students’ independent learning and development within a guided environment. by the time you reach year 3, you should be in a clearer position as […]